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Laquisha Moore

Licensed Therapist

FB: L Denise Moore

IG: @proverbialheart

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Laquisha Moore is a trauma-focused therapist licensed in Kentucky and Indiana. She is currently the owner of Levitate, a multidisciplinary counseling agency specializing in sexual trauma. She is also the Treatment Director at Option to Success, a black-owned residential treatment facility for teenage girls in Louisville, Kentucky. Laquisha is a graduate of Lindsey Wilson College and holds a Master of Education in Counseling and Human Development with a concentration in mental health. Laquisha is very passionate about mental health and believes that mental health and emotional well-being are the most important aspects of human functioning. Laquisha believes it to be her purpose to help others deal with the undertakings of life through counseling, education, encouragement, and motivation. Laquisha is also the very proud mother of three children.


Benny Ingram


FB: Benae Ingram

IG: @benny_ingram67

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“I am a masculine centered woman; I am not a woman. I am happy being a female, and I don’t feel I was born into the wrong body, this is important to understand. I am not Transitioning I am just evolving.”


Monica Renae Wade


IG: @monicareneaheals

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Monica Renae is an APC practicing clinical mental health in Atlanta, GA. She is a womxn centered therapist who believes that narratives of womxn of color, regardless of sexuality, kink, and spirituality etc. are a part of our healing story. We are all nuanced and complex people encountering the world within and around us. This blog is dedicated to the personal experiences and observations of Monica Renae.
Monica Renae “heals” isn’t just a reference to the therapeutic work done for others but the process of healing taking place in the healer.

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Tia Marie

righteous teacher and divinely guided messenger

IG: @tiamariepresents

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Tia Marie is a successful producer, righteous teacher, and divinely guided messenger who's dedicated her life to the rise of the divine feminine and the re-awakening of the human consciousness. She supports women on their spiritual journey to mindfulness and holistic wellness through channeled messaging via tarot and oracle, coaching and healing programs, and oration. As an award-winning radio personality, now serving on Louisville's Magic 101.3, Tia Marie takes every opportunity to empower her listeners to simply be. In the moment and with gratitude.

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FB: Poetic Insanity

IG: @poetic_insanity18

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J. Katrice is a poet and motivational spoken-word artist born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She's been an active part of the spoken word community for several years. She is currently featured on 2 hip hop albums available on all streaming networks and has competed and placed in several poetry slams. In 2016 she self-published a book entitled Poetic Insanity Vol. I: Sometimes Words Drive You Crazy, introducing her vulnerability and healing journey through poetry and prayers. She is currently working on Poetic Insanity Vol II: Life After Heartbreak where she continues her healing after experiencing some of life's toughest battles. Her goal is to promote mental well-being, emotional maturity, and healing within communities of color by fearlessly and unapologetically expressing vulnerabilities authentically, lovingly, and out loud!!  She wants her audience to know that it's okay to "hurt, holla and heal".

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Ty Taylor


Holistic Health Apprentice

IG: Lord_IndigoSupreme 


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As a holistic wellness Apprentice, I study existence as a solution. This means that the answer to the problem is not something scientist will create because it is something that already exists within us.
 From the Metaphysical Universe to that morning cup of herbal tea.
 You'll never know what you'll get out of a conversation with Ty.

Phone 404-482-2148

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4370 Lawrenceville Hwy #1821

Lilburn GA 30048

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